Delivery to Gate 10, Door 401, 415 & 416 Central Shipping North

Receiving Hours: Daily x24 Hours
By Appointment (905) 548-4090 Option # 1 

Coil: Eye Horizontal
Minimum strapping per coil or slit cut: 1 circumference strap / 2 eye straps. If HSLA commodity, or coils with Grade > 300 & Gauge >.060, the minimum strapping is according to the guideline on page 5 of the Introduction Section of the Manual.
Unless the code stipulates otherwise, where the code calls for "W" or "VW", the normal ID straps may be applied over the paper wrap. If the code requires all normal strapping be applied under the paper wrap a minimum of 2 extra Light ID straps must be applied over the wrapping. Polyester sraps are allowed for this application.

  Max. Wt. Max. O.D. Max. Width Min. Width 
Single coil lift  100,000#  104"  72" 


No Multiple Cut lifts will be received at this location. (See Door 300 Central Shipping)
No Eye Vertical lifts will be received at this location. (See Door 413 Skidded Coils)

  • Poly bag covering coil must conform to '200KU' packaging code's description.   See COILS Section in this manual.
  • Loosely wound coils must be identified on incoming shipping bill - Attn C/S Supervisor T01.
  • Coils with telescope>3 in. will not be unloaded.
  • No plastic corner protectors on further-process coils.

Horizontal coil's placement on carrier's deck for unloading: 
  Single coil lift:    Eye lengthwise or eye crosswise. 
  Coils loaded lengthwise require a minimum 24" space between coils.

Revised September, 2006
Issued March, 2004

QS 9000

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