Training Room Bookings at the F.H. Sherman Recreation and Learning Centre

There are various rooms at The F.H. Sherman Recreation and Learning Centre available for booking. They are as follows:




1.     Conference Room A - 2nd Floor - Capacity - 13 People

2.     Conference Room B - 2nd Floor - Capacity - 24 People

3.     Conference Room C - 2nd Floor - Capacity - 21 People

4.     Conference Room D - 2nd Floor - Capacity - 35 People

5.     Aerobics Room - 1st Floor - Capacity 40 People

6.     Meeting Room - 1st Floor - Capacity 13 People

7.   Activity Room - 2nd Flr - above the arenas - Capacity - 30 people


NOTE: Conference Rooms B,C & D can be made into adjoining rooms, and may be booked together as such, holding a capacity of 80 People. (May be booked together only if available).


Booking Procedure


NOTE: At present you may not book our Training Rooms electronically.


o      Have ready the name of the function you will be holding at the centre.

o      Have ready the duration of the function. (i.e. 8-430).

o      Have ready the cost centre to incur the charges (i.e. 6671)

o      Have ready the number of people to be in attendance.

o      Have ready a seating plan and any special equipment needed (if applicable).

o      Be prepared to leave a contact name and phone extension.


o      Call the Recreation and Learning Centre at 905-560-5886 and the person answering the telephone will be happy to try and accommodate your needs.


To order food, drinks, snacks for meetings go to the Food Services web page at:, here you will see 2 links for the Rec Park. 


Please book well in advance of function to avoid disappointment!!!


If you need to cancel a booking at any time, do so as soon as possible with the Rec Centre .


All training rooms are equipped with TV/VCR and Overhead Projectors.  Some training rooms are also equipped with Multimedia projectors.


All people at training functions at the Centre may utilize our gymasiums and arena on their lunch hours between 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to go skating, play basketball or various other activities.

For more information, please contact The Recreation Office at 905-560-5886.